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Think back to the time when you were landscaping your home on your own but your new garden could never quite make it past a couple of months before looking like it needed a facelift.  “What went wrong?”  you often wondered.  Well, a number of factors contribute to a successful landscape design, one of which includes one of life’s basics:  water. 

Without a proper irrigation system in place, no garden can survive regardless of who planned and installed it.  Since our plants are guaranteed for one year, we make sure that your current sprinkler system will fit the needs of your landscaping.  In fact, one of the first steps in our landscaping plans includes evaluating your home’s irrigation system and adjusting water flow and sprinkler placement according to the type of plants to be used and the areas to be landscaped.   In order to keep the garden healthy, sprinklers should be set to a weekly routine according to your area’s watering regulations, even in the rainy season.  This will ensure that your plants are adequately watered and that your sprinkler system keeps busy.  Just like our muscles, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Sprinkler heads become victims to overgrowth and sprinkler pumps succumb to rust. Speaking of…

What about that hideous rust color all over my beautiful car, sidewalk, house?!
We also offer the installation of a rust removal system to homes that irrigate using well water as opposed to city water.  If you’re not sure which type of water you are using, just take a look at the outside of your house (if you’ve been running your sprinklers).  Do you see an orange-ish tint blending in with the paint?  That wasn’t the garden gnome repainting your home by night; that was the well water being used by your sprinkler system.

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