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It’s a common experience.  You walk out your front door, or back door, and think to yourself, “I’m going to re-landscape this area!” Then you take a trip to the nearest home improvement store or local nursery, stock up on all the pretty plants that are in bloom, throw in some plants that boast butterfly appeal, and a few bags of mulch for a finishing touch.  You might even convince yourself to purchase that adorable garden gnome or bird bath while picking up some herbs for the kitchen.  A little over $100.00 later you are up to your knees in dirt, happily digging holes and thinking of how great your home is looking and how proud you are that you did it all yourself!  You finally finish and you are pleased because all those lovely blooms really do make your home look so nice, so cottage-like.  Alas, this honeymoon experience is only fleeting because not a month or so later, those blooms start withering.  There are less butterflies, and more chewed up leaves and before you know it, you are walking out your front door, or back door and you are thinking to yourself, “I’m going to re-landscape this area!”

If you have fallen to this vicious cycle known as the Do It Yourself Landscaping and are ready for the Someone Do It For Me Landscaping idea, you’ve come to the right place. 

Hiring a professional landscaper, such as ourselves, ensures that you invest in your landscaping wisely and permanently.  A lot of times, garden centers will beautifully display the season’s blooming varieties which attract consumers like bees to honey.  What most people don’t realize is that these plants aren’t always flowering and they don’t always work well with the area they are planted in.  Our landscape designer will visit with you to talk about not only the type of garden you envision for your home but also the weather and lighting conditions of the areas to be landscaped.  Together you will work towards a plan that fits your vision, your budget, and most importantly, a landscape design that is planted to last.  Once the plans are finalized and agreed upon, our team gets to work to make your garden paradise dreams come true!  Best of all, our estimates are free, so if you are ready to throw in the shovel, give us a call and we’ll take care of your landscaping needs.

Check out our gallery to see a sampling of some our rock gardens, native gardens, desert gardens and other designs!

Your garden is done and it looks beautiful…in the daytime.  Now what?  Click on Lighting for ways to enhance your home even more.


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