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Your garden is done and the neighbors can’t help but to stop and stare.  You find yourself idling in your driveway just a little longer because wow, your home looks awesome…in the daytime.  But what happens after dusk, once the sun is no longer shining on your worthy investment?  The moon rises but doesn’t shed quite enough light on that garden who yearns to be admired by night.  The newly installed pathway remains dark and solitary.   Enter Landscape Lighting.  Our team can add just the right amount of lighting in just the right spots to enhance your garden and turn your home into a moonlit wonderland.  Landscape lighting enhances curb appeal and gives a touch of coziness to your home that will set it apart from the rest.  Lighting packages range from $150.00 and up and because we use low voltage equipment, adding this feature to your landscape design won’t hurt your electric bill.  Ask our landscape consultant for pricing and we’ll fit lighting into your budget.Be the envy of the neighborhood by day and by night…add landscape lighting to your home!

The garden looks great, the lighting is set, and now how will it survive the test of time?  Visit the next link, irrigation.


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